The Kinnor harp is also known as King David's harp and is the national instrument of Israel and the Spiritual instrument of Christians. It can be used to touch the strings in worship, meditation, play chords to accompany a singer, play your favorite hymns and songs, and also to minister those in need.


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The Mini Kinnor Harp by Mid-East arrived well packaged and appeared to have solid construction. I like that it comes with a case, extra strings, a tuning tool, and basic instructions on how to set up the bridge. BLEMISHED: King David's harp that is 27" and has a sheesham frame with a light ash soundboard. Includes 10 nylon strings for the biblical scale. Features DuPont hard nylon strings. 2013-04-07 · Kinnor Harp.

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There is a verse in the Old Testament of the Bible (1 Samuel 16:23) that says, “ David took an harp [i.e. kinnor] and played with his hand” which seems to 

mideast sell instruments all over the world withe the best quality in wholesale rate. +92 311 3736353 +92 332 3536500 2012-12-25 · Kinnor Harp Exploring the Pedal Harp When anyone speaks of harps, the sort that largely arrives in mind is the pedal harp. This instrument is often known as as the live performance harp, orchestral harp, concert grand harp, and classical harp.

Kinnor (Hebrew: כִּנּוֹר‎) is an ancient Israelite musical instrument in the modern day it is generally translated as "harp" or "lyre", and associated with a 

Kinnor harp

Mini Kinnor Harfe, 10 Streich Mini Kinnor Harfe, Kind David Harp. Brandneu. EUR 59,99. oder Preisvorschlag. +EUR 24,99 Versand. Aus Deutschland.

Kinnor harp

High quality zither tuning pins are used on this kinnor. Visit Melissa's website: David plays and sings the Israeli national anthem, Ha Tikvah, using her 10-string Davidic 2012-12-25 The Mini Kinnor Harp by Mid-East arrived well packaged and appeared to have solid construction.
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If you wish, you can sharpen the D notes,1/2 a tone to Eb I use the Kinnor harp with Tibetan bowls and other acoustic instruments for sound healing group sessions. I play the harp form the heart.

It was the chosen musical instrument of King David. The Kinor Harp  Mid-East Mini Kinnor Harp.
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stora tjocka satser så våga Tjock kvinna söker; feta kvinnor; tjocka feta kinnor;. The first woman to hold a permanent position, harpist Pauline Åhman , was 

SPECIAL NOTE; No Warranty on Strings: Manufacturers recommend that you change the strings on your instrument as soon as you receive it. All the Biblical harps and door harps we build are hand crafted in our small artisan workshop in the hills surrounding Jerusalem by our master craftsmen and women.

I am about to purchase a King David's Kinnor Harp 10 strings in the biblical scale and I have no idea how to play it. I've been wanting to learn 

King David's Harp, 16" x 8", 10 nylon strings for the biblical scale.

Wåra harpor hengde wij på pijlträä. Psalt.